Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits – Why Should You Join NECA?

We're Your Voice in the Industry

NECA gives all members – small and large alike – strength, influence, and a say in the industry. Build effective and productive labor relations. Command the attention of government representatives and policy makers. Help write the National Electrical Code and other industry standards. Deal effectively with OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

Time and Money Saved

As a business owner, you have certain needs that are critical for success – two of which are time and money, and NECA saves you both. Lower costs with member discounts and value added services. Support your company with experience and resources you don’t have to hire. Attract new customers through NECA’s contractor search, the NECA Connection – the #1 Google hit to find an electrical contractor ( Improve jobsite productivity with incomparable craft and supervisory training.

Business Support

NECA offers you the resources and support you need to succeed in a changing and competitive market. Enhance your staff’s management skills through education.Acquire cutting-edge research ahead of the industry. Advance your marketing strategy with communications tools and support. Negotiate competitive labor agreements.

Professional Peer Network

NECA provides you a network of electrical contractors from all over the country, and opportunities to make valuable business connections.

Experience the largest, most comprehensive convention and trade show in the industry. Establish partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracts and friendships.Stand out among your peers and competitors. Make a difference in your industry through involvement and leadership.

How Do You Join NECA?

NECA membership begins at the local level through our chapter network; currently there are 119 chapters throughout the United States. If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Alaska Chapter, NECA member please contact our office directly at 907-561-1958.

NECA Membership Application